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Post by President Haris Puri on Sun Feb 08, 2015 1:54 pm

First, copy these questions. Second, create your own topic and paste these questions. Thirdly, answer these questions thoroughly and honestly.


Nation Name:
Nation Ruler:
Nation Strength:
Nation ID Number (go to your nation home page, look in the URL and the nation number will be at the end of the link):
Nation Creation Date:
Any former alliances?:
Are you at war with another nation?:
Do you understand that if you're at war you CANNOT join UGSR?:
Do you understand and agree with the fact that you CAN NEVER declare war on another nation, and can only fight in self defense? Do you understand that if you break this rule you will be kicked out of the alliance?:
UGSR is an all-communist and red team alliance. Do you have any issues with that?:
Will you be active every day, on the forum and in-game?:
What is your age? (under 13 years old will not be accepted):
Why do you want to join?:
What will be your contributions?:
Real life political interests (if any)?:
Any final thoughts?:

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