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Post by SonicSonic642 on Fri Feb 27, 2015 11:08 pm

Nation Name: America Union
Nation Ruler:AntonMc
Nation Strength: 1,654.279
Nation ID Number (go to your nation home page, look in the URL and the nation number will be at the end of the link): 571491
Nation Creation Date: 2/27/2015
Any former alliances?: No real former alliances
Are you at war with another nation?: No
UGSR is an all-communist and red team alliance. Do you have any issues with that?:
Will you be active every day, on the forum and in-game?:
What is your age? (under 13 years old will not be accepted): 18
Why do you want to join?: Communism
What will be your contributions?: Money, Troops, and Supplies
Real life political interests (if any)?: Communism
Any final thoughts?: Every communist nation should impose sanctions on the US and their allys, rather than it being the other way arround, and the USSR should still exist.


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